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Jimmy's family and friends set up the JKCF immediately after his death in August 2001

We wanted him to be remembered as the generous, warm human being that he was.

He had borne his illness with his usual mental strength, but we knew how difficult it was. He inspired us to set up the Fund which is a registered charity governed by trustees: Lord John Monks and Rodney Bickerstaffe and his 'professional' friends who do all their work for the fund without charge. Sailesh Mehta, our accountant and our banker and secretary, Laurie Bell who gives generously of his time. The family is represented by Hugh Knapp, his brother, and Eva Knapp, his wife

We are unique as the Fund spends not a penny on administration, every penny you give goes directly to the Fund. We are also unique because we support all aspects of the illness.

donate nowWe are small, different, dedicated and passionate about our purpose but we need more funds to do even better. The best way to grow is through standing orders. PLEASE consider this option and click on NOW. You can now donate quickly and securely through Justgiving.

The fund has so far raised over 670,000.

Already the fund has been able to make regular donations to:

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